Content is more important than keyword rankings


SEO is very important if you want to sell more products or services, but the trick is focusing on the right metrics and applying them in balance instead of focusing on one thing like keywords, according to Search Engine Land. Since the main purpose for SEO is usually improving revenues of a retail outlet or service, ensure that your strategies remain focused on that goal.

Keywords have their place in the big picture, but are not the end-all and be-all of getting your products and services sold. They are an important aspect in getting the attention of users who make a search query.

Location is another important aspect of the SEO puzzle that a marketer must remain mindful of. This affects local searches and organic rankings also. Proximity can be a key factor. For instance, If a person in downtown Dallas makes a search for a Wendy’s, he/she will be provided with a listing of nearby stores. However, if the same query is made in another city, the result would show different locations for that chain.

Creating content that engages the viewer should be the primary concern of a marketing strategy, but some people according to studies tend to allow this aspect to wane as they obsess over keywords. Essentially, keywords, especially the “long-tail” keywords should be a part of that engaging content, but the layout formula includes so much more.

Google Analytics offers tools that allow marketers and SEO experts to analyze a plethora of search data. Knowing how to direct the flow of online traffic in regards to your product or service is important. Knowing what content works and what is oft ignored can help in planning strategies that will draw the interest of viewers.


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