Content strategy is defined by the brand’s foundational concepts


Marketers usually agree that good content is essential to promoting your products or services online.  However, strategizing your content marketing requires a few necessary elements to be successful, according to Marketing Land.

The identity of the brand must be well-defined and represented in the content. Brand is more than the products and services, it is also how a company is perceived. Most companies put a great deal of planning into their brand strategy, which can include mission statements and building up customer expectations then fulfilling those expectations consistently. Brand is the keystone of your company.

A clear and concise message underpins the success of content marketing. The message is directly related to the content and must be carefully planned and built to convey the intended concepts, what the company wants to tell its viewers. The marketer must also understand the importance of message delivery – for example, through a spokesperson and supporting actors.

Also, a marketer must have a clear idea of his/her brand’s position in relation to the competition. Is your brand the proverbial small fish in a big pond or vice versa. If a national company, how does your brand stand alongside its competition. For instance, a new discount store chain might be a growing company, surpassing many members of its class, but some might say it is dwarfed by larger and better established companies like Dollar General or Family Dollar.

Finally, the values of the company should be clear so they can be effectively transmitted to viewers through the content. For instance, does a company want to market itself as an innovative forward-thinking organization? On the other hand, some brands might prefer to build itself as a community-oriented store.


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