Cull out faulty attribution shortcuts that hurt business over the long haul


Can faulty attribution numbers create a false sense of security – just before the downfall?

Everyone wants to secure their jobs, and sometimes a PPC account manager can start to feel a little insecure when the boss doesn’t see immediate dazzling results in their bottom line. Sometimes, these managers will resort to little tricks and shortcuts that will impress “the big guy” with less than reliable attributed conversion numbers, according to Search Engine Land.

When old accounts have sagged because of damage caused by such “tricks and shortcuts,” then the PPC account manager – usually the former manager’s replacement – has to put out the old fires and restore the damage. There are a few common “tricks” that can be looked for and remedied.

First – a misleading query put in place throughout more than one account to suggest intention to return for a purchase thus boosting numbers.

Second –spending too much time on remarketing can result in overmarketing the same content that is just having the colors changed repeatedly.

Third –there are models that refer to credit assigned to an estimated number instead of actual conversions, resulting in misleading attribution numbers.

Fourth – the old “phony conversions” trick has been used for a long time; sometimes, publishers will use bots or hire actual people to fill in the appropriate forms that would drive up the conversion numbers.

Fifth – sometimes low producing campaigns, if examined closely, are just duplications of a previous campaign; these tired old mules need to be put out to pasture in favor of fresh ideas.


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