Develop your e-mail strategy to benefit your brand


Email marketing can be a valuable channel to drive up conversions and revenues for a your brand; however, even with all of the new martech tools available through some of the titanic platforms like Google or Facebook, there are a few very basic marketing fundamentals that can be overlooked, according to Marketing Land.
The first thing your viewer is going to see will be the subject line of the e-mail. Make sure it is on-topic, consistent with its content or your e-mails will likely be diverted to the spam folder. Also, don’t have lengthy subject lines. Limit them to about 50 characters.
Keep in mind that you’re emailing humans not just a soulless “business” or an “organization.” Connect on a human level, utilizing personal names in the “from” line instead of a company name. For instance, a consumer will likely have a more positive response to Marcus Addercot, rather than Addercott Extrusion Company.
Use call-to-action text or icons to your best advantage. It is usually best to have at least part of these buttons “above the fold.” As a rule in the present-day, it is okay to have multiple buttons leading to multiple locations, but not too many. Remember, you want to give your viewer a smooth and pleasant experience.
The content of your ads should be developed to engage the viewer and motivate him or her toward conversion. Be concise and informative because according to reports, you have about an 11-second window to engage their interests before your reader moves on the next e-mail. Also remember that accuracy is more important in content than simple personalization.


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