Do You Still Need a Blog in 2019?


Do you still need a blog in 2019? Can a blog still help you get the results that you want? The short answer is,“Yes.” It’s true that blogging has changed. We can still remember the days when almost everyone had a blog. These days, people don’t use their blogs as online diaries anymore. (They’ve moved on to Twitter for that.) However, 2019 blogging is still a very powerful business tool. Here’s why your website absolutely needs a blog.

Content Gets Results

You have several pages on your website. How often do you update that content? Probably not often. That’s the nature of a web page. It stays the same because people expect to find the same content every time they visit it. A blog, however, gives you the chance to generate content regularly. Does regular content really matter? It does to the search engines. When you post content at a steady rate, that means you have a relevant, active site. This gives you a better chance to reach the top of the search results pages.

Testing the Waters

Recently, we talked about the importance of testing your website. A blog gives you a great way to do just that. What content works, and what content doesn’t work? Which keywords give you the best ratings? You’ll be able to tell based on which blog posts perform the best. The best part is that you don’t have to make constant changes like you would with a regular web page. You just adjust as you go. If you notice anything particularly successful, then you can add similar content to your web pages.

Establish Your Voice

Your website can only tell potential clients so much about you. Your blog, much like your social media presence, can tell clients a lot more. Blogs are more casual than regular web pages. They help your clients see the more personal side of your business, which is what home restoration clients are looking for. Remember that your business has access to people’s homes. A blog will help you establish a trustworthy voice.

2019 Blogging

Now that you know how a blog can help your business, are you ready to get started? If you’re not sure how to start, or if you just don’t have the time to write so much content, we can take care of it. At KiLLitOnLine, we write excellent, SEO-focused content that will get the results you want. Start by contacting us today.

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