Does Your Company Blend In or Stand Out?


How many other restoration companies work in your area? Have you set yourself apart from those companies? Your average client won’t know much about restoration. More often than not, they’ll simply pick the company that stands out to them the most. Our job is to make sure that your company is the one that stands out. How do we do that? We use our proven restoration company marketing techniques. We start by asking ourselves a few questions.

Have You Established Your Brand?

Want to know a mistake that a lot of companies make on social media? They don’t have their own voice. They’ll share a few links and add some bland facts about their trade, but they don’t go beyond that. If you want people to notice your company, you’re going to have to do better than that. You have to establish your own voice. For example, what matters to you as a company? Is it keeping families safe? Customer satisfaction? Helping the environment? Think about your values, and then keep those values in mind when you write any sort of content. Also, think about the tone that you use when you post online. Do you want to take a humorous approach? A concerned approach? Do what works for you, but don’t forget to establish your voice online.

Do You Have the Best SEO?

Is SEO a part of your restoration company marketing? If so, have you gotten the results that you want? One thing that will absolutely set your business apart is a good standing on the search engines. If you’re at the top, people will see you first. With the right SEO techniques, you can get there, but it takes a lot of strategy. If you haven’t analyzed your SEO techniques recently, now would be a great time to do that.

Does Your Website Look Like All the Rest?

Too many restoration websites look exactly the same as one another. Take a look at your own site, and then check out the websites of your competitors. Do they look similar? Would a potential client be able to remember which site belonged to which company? There’s a reason for the similarities. You all want to look professional. However, the results don’t always help you set you apart. You can maintain your site’s professional appearance while making it noticeably different from other sites.

Restoration Company Marketing

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