Don’t Underestimate This Powerful Marketing Tool: How Social Media Can Work for You


Whether you love it or you hate it, social media—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and others—can help market your business. Although this strategy often receives lower priority than other marketing efforts, don’t dismiss the power of social media marketing. Businesses that build and maintain an active presence on social media better understand what people talk about, look at, and respond to—and develop marketing strategies based on that information.

Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing

  • You build connections. Customers and potential clients have an easy way to connect with you when you do simple postings that contain links back to your primary website and contact information. This results in higher website traffic and lead generation because the people who click or call are the most interested in learning about your services—and also helps your business rise in search results through increased search engine optimization (SEO).
  • You extend your reach. When you create and share high-quality, relevant content with your connections, they become engaged and share that content with others, refer others to your website, and remember your business first when they need your services.
  • You build visibility. Photos and videos are another great way to showcase your services, say in the cleaning and restoration industry—a “before” picture of a flooded basement and an “after” picture of that same basement fully dry, clean, and restored has immediate impact. Equally effective is a short video demonstrating how you extract floodwater or treat smoke damage.
  • You increase followers. Through the specific content you post, you can educate consumers, answer direct questions, and participate in discussions and forums that allow you to highlight your expertise. When viewers see and follow you on social media, they better understand your work processes, the equipment and products you use, and your work ethic and accountability.
  • You provide access to customer experience. Your connected, satisfied clients can leave a five-star rating and post a one-line comment in less than a minute. Even a brief review is enough to earn you a new Like, Follower, View, or Tweet.
  • You engage with others in your field. Engaging with other experts within your specific or a related field by sharing content and giving positive mentions of their business builds valuable connections with them and their established audience—and they may do the same for you.

Never underestimate the power of a wide presence across the Internet. Social media supplement and strengthen your other marketing efforts at no cost, other than your time to prepare a post.


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