Don’t Wait to Make This Website Change: Responsive Design


Prevalence of Using Devices

In our technocentric culture, new mobile devices with advanced capabilities are released continually. And your website needs to be accessible to all of them, from desktops to smart phones. In addition to basic performance and appearance, web designers must ensure website content is easily available to all users, no matter what device or operating platform they’re using.

An increasing percentage of Internet traffic is performed using Apple iPhones and iPads and Windows and Android mobile products. As a result, websites need to be designed so they are accessible on any screen size, shape, or orientation on devices using any operating system. A website that is difficult to use or view can result in plummeting traffic and sales. Ensuring your web content will be easy to view and convenient to use requires responsive website design.

Importance of Responsive Design

While you can design multiple versions of your website with dynamic serving or better functionality on different devices, this option is more expensive and not foolproof, and it is impractical to design a site to fit each new device. With responsive web design, you need only one version of your website. This technology automatically accommodates for screen size and resolution, screen orientation (portrait vs. landscape view), image size, and scripting. Its flexible grids and style sheets are programmed to recognize and respond to any device accessing the website. This effectively eliminates the need to repeatedly upgrade your website design when a new device hits the market.

According to Google, at least half of all Internet searches are now performed on mobile devices. Without responsive design, you could lose 50–60% of traffic—and therefore leads—if your content cannot be easily accessed or navigated. A website that is fully functional to all users is critical, especially because Google’s search algorithm now more heavily weighs mobile-friendliness in ranking websites during Internet searches. With a responsive website design, your business will transparently project a professional image no matter how it is viewed, ensuring your visitors will remain on your site.

As the world of mobile devices keeps proliferating, responsive website design eases the frustrations of business owners and Internet users alike. Generating leads will happen only if users can view your content on any device using any platform.


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