A few easy strategies to apply before the big “Seven”


Content writing has become a popular approach in a B2B marketing strategy even though it has become complicated and requires time and patient to see positive results, according to Marketing Land. While the so-called “Rule of Seven” is essential in the application process, there are a few short cuts that can be used to make the procedure a little easier.

The first thing to consider is content upgrades. When doing this give consideration to more content and less to SEO. The latter is very important, but good qualitative content also helps boost a rating. Keywords can be applied later. Content can be optimized by looking for elements used in previously successful ads, blogs, or articles.

The second thing to look at is how to engage your viewers with multi-media content. Video and live broadcasting has become a valued resource in marketing campaigns and should be used in B2B. Also, there are podcasts, webinars and slideshare. A little recorded footage from a cell might be enough to spice up your presentation.

User generated content (UGC) can be a valuable recent as part of your strategy. More and more people are carrying a cell or other mobile device throughout their days. Also, many of these are putting their own selfies and videos onto social media. Applying incentives can generate material that focused on the desired subjects of advertisers. With the right content, users can sell to other users more easily than marketing departments sometimes.

The fourth shortcut for B2B marketing is micro-targeting, which involves segmenting your targeted viewers into smaller, more focused subsets in your marketing strategy based upon demographic information. This will allow more personalized messages going out to a much smaller target customer base.


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