Effective ad types on Facebook


The large social media platforms, like Facebook, have become more than a forum for chats, exchange of well-wishes, and videos showing “my kitty did the cutest thing.”For years, marketing professionals have included this vast global audience in their campaigns to sell products and services. To utilize this resource to best effect, according to Marketing Land, there are certain key strategies that advertisers must learn.

First, keep in mind that about 80 percent of an ad is going to be visual and about 20 percent text. The color scheme will be the first thing to grab the viewer’s eyes and make them want to find out more. Use colors that stand out in the environment in which they appear. The text should be concise, relating your main message in about 90-100 characters. Any more than that, and you may push your potential customer beyond the threshold of their patience.

Carousel ads are also effective ways to get your viewers’ attention. Products are easily displayed with this ad-type. Services can be explained with text and relatable imagery.

Another common ad-type is the video. While it’s a very effective venue for displaying products and services, video advertisers must remember their audience tolerance levels. Don’t run more than 30 seconds, utilizing sound, color and text to your best advantage.

Slide show ads are not as commonly used as they were in the days when internet connections could not hold up under a heavy influx of data.


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