Email service providers applaud the beginning of money transfers


Gmail is not just for a little personal interaction between friends anymore. Google announced last month that it was opening its email service to Android users for sending money and requesting money, according to Marketing Land. E-mail service providers are looking forward to exploring the possibilities this newest feature will entail.

A person’s e-mail address has become like an online multi-channel identifier.It is often used for sign-ups, and it might become the hub for online marketing. E-mail addresses have already surpassed the roleof cookies in online marketing. The old cookies were once used like a trail of bread crumbs to findand identify devices, but the e-mail now IDs viewers. E-mail addresses have become assets in online marketing. Companies will pay for lists of addresses to be used in their ad campaigns.

The new money transference feature Google has rolled out is expected to grow and will change the face of emails in the future. At this time, a user needs an Android and the corresponding app to coordinate Google Wallet with Gmail. However, the idea is expected to evolve because emails are an integral part of daily life.The average user has about 2-3 personal and business e-mail accounts, according to studies.

Online commerce is not part of Google’s package – yet. Marketers foresee commercial functions when Google begins to further expand their email features. This will entail other major issues, such as privacy and security. So far, gmail is the most secure ESP because it has never been hacked.


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