Facebook Announces New Features for Slideshow Ads


Facebook recently announced new features for Slideshow ad product. Users will now be able to add text and music to Slideshow ads. In addition, the new features will make it easy for users to create Slideshow ads using Android devices, integrate with Facebook’s stock image database and its pages’ photo libraries, and also to convert videos into Slideshow ads.

The social giant first introduced the Slideshow ads feature last October with the aim of enabling brands to easily create video ads out of groups of still images. Facebook’s Slideshow ads not only require less bandwidth compared to conventional video ads, but they are also easy to create. This made it easy for brands to reach out to Facebook users even with poor Internet connectivity.

Advertisers can create Slideshow ads while-on-the go using their mobile devices. Once created, the videos can then be easily converted into slideshows using Facebook’s Slideshow tool which automatically picks up 10 images to create a slideshow ad.

Facebook in a recent blog post said that users across 200 countries had already viewed Slideshow ads. The social giant also mentioned that since the launch of its product, more than one half of advertisers who now use Slideshow ads had not invested in any kind of social video marketing activity previously.


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