Facebook facing criticism from advertisers


Facebook has received a lot of criticism for not being transparent enough in dealing with its advertisers, so the social media mogul is shifting away from its closed mouth policy.

GroupM, a large media buyer and one of the critics, advised clients in its network against buying Facebook ads because of the “complete lack of transparency.” GroupM’s Kieley Taylor stated that FB doesn’t disclose to its advertisers precisely where their ads will land after being disperse by Audience Network.

Advertisers are beginning to reel against the lack of control put upon them by FB-imposed blinders and some are starting to look for alternative advertising outlets.

FB has recognized its newest challenge and has suggested. The social media mogul is offering its advertising clientele concessions to mitigate this rising problem, things that may or may not placate its some of its vast ad-base, such as selling Instant Articles inventory which provides a litany of ad placements. Also, a dialogue has begun considering private marketplace deals with Audience Network.

While GroupM advises clients to move away from FB’s Audience Network, it doesn’t exclude it as a possible venue for advertisers.

From the advertiser’s perspective though they lose some control buying ad placement through FB, they gain the advantage of being part of FB’s vast network. Audience Network has far reaching power to get ads into the eyes of mobile users.

Opened in 2014, Audience Network placed to be FB’s conduit to send ads outside of the social network while still allowing advertisers the advantage of managing their targeting data. It began as a mobile in-app network and was later expanded for mobile websites and desktops.



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