Is a Facebook Group Right for My Business?


Features of a Facebook Group

A Facebook Group is a small business marketing tool that lets you reach, and communicate with, a predetermined fan base to discuss issues related to your business, respond to inquiries, post photos, and share relevant content. Groups can be open to the public (for anyone to join), require an administrator to approve membership requests, or be completely private, where membership is by invitation only. Members can post information relating to the common interest and interact both with you and each other.

If you already have a Facebook Page, you know your Page is public and serves primarily as a profile of your business, while a Group’s information and posts are visible only to members of that group. When people Like your Page, they are representing that they like your business and your brand, and not necessarily the person behind the brand. When people Join your Group, they will feel more a personal touch, as they will be able to interact with other members as well as with you, the business owner.

A Facebook Group serves the purpose of bringing together like-minded people—people who may or may not be customers but who represent qualified leads and the potential to become paying customers. Through a group, you can network with the most dedicated of your fans—those who specifically requested to join your community and who are the most willing to share good news about your company and its offerings with others. You can use your fans to get feedback on a new product or service you want to offer. Because of the trust factor you will have already established, they will give you honest, reliable feedback. But don’t forget to thank your fans—maybe with a freebie or otherwise unavailable discount coupon for one of your offerings.

Why You Have to Use It

Your Group is the ideal environment for sharing ideas, tips, and other information about your products and services. Encourage fans to discuss their own experiences with your products and services as well as offer tips and insights, or ask questions. You (or your Group Administrator) should be available to promptly respond to questions and comments posted by others. This lets your fans know you’re listening, which establishes trust and credibility in you and your company.

Don’t use your Group simply for promoting your business and your website. The key to keeping your fans loyal and adding new fans is to provide value for them. Members want you to keep the conversation going with them, rather than talk at them. By engaging them through active participation and rewarding them for their ambassadorship and loyalty, you’ll grow your community in not time.


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