Facebook moving closing in on the smartphone


The leviathan is rising from the depths.

Facebook’s Mobile owns four of the world’s top-rated apps. Now, FB is integrating these apps to dominate the cell phone clicks as it constructs its newest platform. Not one of the signs of the apocalypse, but significant in the competition between online titans.

Facebook’s many “standalone apps” bring in almost 1.8 billion customers every month, far outstripping the two other online monoliths, Instagram and Messenger – although there may be some overlap. FB will use it primary app as the magical gateway for this new platform which will direct users to any one of the multitudinous websites within its domain.

Though the numbers are mind-boggling, each user uses up about 50 minutes a day on these apps. That’s a staggering number of man-hours, and it doesn’t even include all the FB apps like WhatsApp, the VR platforms Oculus and Samsung Gear VR, and the business app called Workplace, all of which add about another billion users to the scorecard.

By converging its largest apps into one bundle, FB is hoping to bring the smartphone class of users into its already bulging online population, while dominating the operating systems of that venue.

The biggest risk FB faced when it went on public trading market in 2011 was mobile usage, but now that hurdle has been overcome and FB has come out as the heavyweight champion in that venue.

More than 80 percent of FB’s ad revenue comes from mobile users which compose about 90 percent of their daily user population.


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