Facebook to phase out the Atlas brand and merge tools into new measurements platform


Facebook has started a year-long phasing-out process to retire Atlas brand and transition clients toward other measurement products, according to Marketing Land. FB acquired the measurements platform from Microsoft in 2013 to bolster its own capabilities. Atlas clients will be moved over to other FB brands like Business Manager, completely eliminating the Atlas brand at an undisclosed time next year.

However, even after the brand is gone, the Atlas products and functionality will continue, integrated with FB’s existing tools like Business Manager, developed for companies with multiple marketing accounts on FB.

Atlas’ measurement teams will merge with the FB techs giving them opportunity to broaden their products. A new Advanced Measurements section will be grown from Atlas tools as they are integrated inside Business Manager with new reach and attribution tools to improve measurement efficiency. The precise use and scope of this new section has not been entirely fully realized, and Google will disclose the granular information at a later time.

By converging all of these elements into existing FB resources, it would appear FB is attempting to tinker together a new platform in its own mega-opolis to attract more of the online marketing business.To some this is reminiscent of Adobe’s Analytics and other metrics platforms developed by their online competition. Utilizing Atlas tools merged with its own, FB mightbe able to lure more advertisers into its clientele with free convenient measuring tools.


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