Facebook sliding into the header bidding process to offer publishers more options


Facebook is stepping up its competition with Google as the social media platformenters the header bidding arena, giving online publishers a chance to look at itsgood deals, according to Marketing Land. FB’s new header bidding process is designed to be an equalizer for online ad sales, which Google has dominated for some time.

FB’ Audience Network began experimenting with this new process in August and ultimately announced today their intention to implement. While the titan online social media/marketing platform reportedthat publishers saw more than a 10 percent rise in revenues as a result of the FBexperiment, critics are advising publishers against using FB because of past problems with controls and lack of transparency.

In the old “waterfall” system, a publisher would check different ad networks, looking for the best deal. Header bidding allows ad publishers to investigate pricing for multiple platforms instead of checking each one individually. So instead of window shopping one at a time, it’s like publishers sit down with several platforms and lets each one give their pitch. With AI capable systems on the rise the process is expected to become more efficient, and even more competitive.

FB’s Audience Network ad prices are the same as that on FB news feed but their header bidding only works through mobile sites at this time. The competition with other sites could drive up the prices.

Only time will tell who will come out the winner in this new header bidding process, but many publishers are forecasting better days ahead.


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