Facebook verifying ad standards


Facebook is allowing access to its third-party ad network, Audience Network. Measurement networks will be able to assess the viewability of brand ads on non-Facebook websites and ad network apps. This new accessibility policy will include only video ads.

Facebook marketing representatives state that their advertisements are nearly 100% viewable, but the advertisers will now be able to confirm if Facebook’s standard of viewability is on the same level as their own. Advertisers will be able to view important marketing information about their ads and scrutinize the viewability and the profile of those viewing.

The Facebook standard – according to some people, a video ad is considered “viewable” if fifty percent of it can be seen on the screen.

Some advertisers do not agree with the FB standard, preferring that more of the ad be seen and for a certain amount of time. Being allowed to verify through deeper access to Audience Network allows advertisers to influence how their video ads are presented to consumers – for the time being.  FB stated that video ads have the higher priority at this time, according to Jonathan Lewis, product marketing manager for measurement.

To verifying that brand ads are being viewed by the advertiser’s target audience, FB is assessing ComScore’s Validated Campaign Essentials tool.

In addition to giving brands more options for checking that their ads could be seen, it’s adding a new option for checking that the ads were seen by the right people. These tests include desktop and mobile apps, and the delivery verification test will include only people in the U.S.


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