Failure or Future? What to Do With the Ideas that Didn’t Work


Sometimes you just have to throw away an idea, but those times are rarer than most people think. As a matter of fact, your “failed” ideas can make great fodder for the future. Sometimes they just need a new format, a new setting, or a few SEO tweaks. For example, check out some of your options below.

Too Many Web Pages? Try Blog Posts Instead

Websites should have enough words to get indexed by search engines, but sometimes you need to remove a few things to get rid of clutter. What if cleaning up your website means getting rid of some great ideas? Don’t throw those ideas away yet. Instead, try working them into blog posts. When you blog, you need a consistent flow of ideas. This way, you’ll already have a great place to start.

Nowhere to Go? Try a Social Media Post

Have a great idea that isn’t going anywhere? Can’t get more than 200 words or so out of your idea? Don’t try to force your idea to be something that it’s not. It probably just won’t work for web copy or a blog post. However, it could serve you well as a social media post instead. Use your shorter, simpler ideas for things like Twitter and Facebook.

Half-Formed Idea? Save It for Later

Sometimes the ideas are great, but you’re not completely sure what to do with them yet. A lot of people will simply move on to something else. Now, putting an idea aside is a good thing. Just don’t abandon it completely. Write your ideas down, and you can add to them later. When you let an idea sit at the back of your mind, you’ll come up with ways to add to them. Often, those additional ideas will show up when you least expect them.

Not What You Wanted? Hire a Professional

Finally, some ideas don’t turn out the way you imagined them. The words just don’t come together the way you want them to. The website doesn’t look the way you had pictured it. That’s okay. When that happens, you can always hire a professional online marketer to bring your ideas to life. Marketers are trained to turn ideas into results.

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