FB making itself more shoppable


Still trying to recover from its former advertising misdemeanors, Facebook has begun allowing retail marketing ads to show-off their images on the news feed.

Facebook Shoppable Feed ads is a new advertising format that the social media titan is experimenting with to see how users respond. The new format creates a convenient conduit, allowing a user/shopper to slide down and make a quick convenient purchase.

On the advertisers’ side, this new format called Dynamic Product Ads allows more flexibility for the brand as the venue will accommodate images of multiple product to be viewed by the advertisers selected customer profile.

The FB platform’s new ad format allows a larger pic or video set above images of individual products. The shopper chooses which product image interests them, click on it, then they are taken to a new site for ordering instructions or other products.

This new format also allows advertisers to promote either multiple or single products to either web or app viewers. Advertisers can upload their digital catalog into Facebook Business Manager then choose which products they wish to include in their ads. Then they can establish an audience to track important marketing information: products purchased, products viewed, and other aspects.

This trend social media has taken toward “social shoppability” was inspired in AdWords about five years ago. Other platforms have been slowly morphing to include these features. The big ones like to move where the money lies. YouTube put out their True View Ads in the final quarter of 2015.



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