FB and Twitter ran numbers for online competition


Facebook reported a rise in their social activity during Super Bowl LI, which showed a sizable rebound from the drastic dip in last year’s numbers. This year, the social media titan had about 60 million users in their football dialogue during the big game – a rise of about 7 percent last year which topped off at 60 million.

Overall, Facebook reported about 240 million posts on its social media during LI, compared to the 200 million for Super Bowl L – a rise of about 20 percent.

Twitter claimed 27.6 million tweets – showing an increase of 2.2 percent over last year. Total tweets that coursed the web during the game reached 5.6 billion.

The numbers show Facebook with more players, but Twitter had the most chatter. However, both social network teams showed some good come-back numbers between SB-LI and SB-L. However, Tweeter came out a real winner because their tweet numbers show a doubling compared to 2015 – Super Bowl XLIX.

Did the Romans ever get confused with their own numbering system?

The FB and Twitter numbers represent the same date (Feb. 5) but slightly different time frames. FB ran its numbers from midnight to 8:24 p.m. whereas, Twitter called its Super Bowl activity between 3-11 p.m.

A few other data-bites worth noting include that more than 90 percent of the Facebook interactions were done on mobile phones. They also show that about 262 million FB users viewed SB-related videos. Instagram had about 44 million users and a total of 150 million interactions.




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