FB’s TIP cooperative connecting the world


With more than 450 members now,Facebook’s Telecom Infra Project – TIP for short – has grown in the past year as it works toward the goal of cutting the cost of infrastructure technology, according to Computer world.

With this goal in mind the companies involved with TIP, which includes Nokia and Intel, are developing more efficient ways to deliver wireless internet globally. Companies are cooperating globally, overcoming a variety of challenges to create this vast web of interconnectivity to all parts of the world.

TIP was inspired by FB’s Open Compute Project which was meant to develop inexpensive computer hardware, but the brainchild took a giant leap of faith as it joined with telecommunications companies last year on Feb. 27 – TIP came to the forefront.

The fledgling multi-corporate initiative has taken on a number of new partners and projects world-wide, from the Philippines to the Germany to South Korea. TIP has developed new innovations in improving telecommunications through fiber, WiFi, drones, satellite, and other technologies.

TIP’s goal to connect the world is drawing closer to realization, which of course means that more people will be connecting through the larger platforms like FB or Google.

Also, by reinvigorating the networking technologies, this could pave the way for another slowly growing industry – virtual reality. The VR technology has made its way into the gaming industry and medical research to some degrees. With the improvements in the communications aspect, VR could feasibly excel in other industries,according to experts.



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