Five Reasons Why AdWords is the Best Lead Generating Platform Online


If you want to drive quality leads, conversions, and sales for your company you need to be using Google Adwords.

Here are five reasons why AdWords is a badass lead generating machine among other platforms

  1. It’s a Highly Flexible Marketing Platform

As you know, AdWords is an online advertising platform for businesses that want to display ads on Google and its advertising network. It enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click on these ads. Using AdWords, it’s quite easy to set your daily budget and the span of time you need to run the campaign.

Ad delivery within AdWords is largely focused on keywords. So, when you search for a keyword, it triggers relevant websites and ads to appear as your search results with the help of Google’s algorithm. When people click on your ad, it takes them directly to your landing page. It sounds simple, right? But optimizing your Google AdWords Campaign is crucial to obtain best results. You can focus on those areas of your campaign that works well for your business and discard those that are not of any available to you.

AdWords is incredibly flexible and so it is a perfect advertising platform for organizations of any type and size. It is highly compatible with other marketing platforms and software systems to serve your purpose the most effective and effortless ways. Your campaigns can be easily customized by targeting people of specific locations, people using different devices, and people on different websites owned by Google like Google search engine, YouTube, and other content websites where Google ads appear. The investment you make on AdWords will never let you down if you are using it the proper way. The amount of traffic it can bring to your site and the quality leads it can generate to make your business thrive is simply phenomenal.

  1. Fast, Transparent and Effective Campaigning Tool

AdWords is awesome when it comes to obtaining results and reports of your ongoing campaign. You can analyze the progress of your campaign in a matter of seconds as its dashboard has all information like ads clicked, keywords entered by visitors, cost of clicks and much more. This transparency of AdWords makes it easy for the user to know what exactly the status of their campaign is and can tweak for an optimal result if necessary.

As a search engine marketing strategy, it works faster than SEO. SEO is a process that requires great research, outstanding articles, and periodic audit to gain authority in market, and hence is a marketing strategy primarily useful to accomplish your long-term business goals. To succeed in SEO, you need enormous amount of time and hard work to produce a collection of valuable content. Whereas, AdWords works the other way round. Google ads can provide you instant visibility around the globe for an instant cost of your choice. Sounds unbelievable? But it’s true.

  1. Measure Your Performance Consistently

It is almost impossible to measure the outcome of advertising and campaigning using traditional media such as radio, broadcast television, cable television, billboards, brochures etc. as we don’t know what the audience has done after receiving the messages of these ads. Not only that these modes of advertising are immeasurable, they are also much more expensive than AdWords where you can control your budget and spend. AdWords can be used for various other purposes other than just increasing brand awareness of your audience. It will provide you a lot of information on how your customers have reacted and responded to your ads so that you can upgrade your campaign from the grounds of facts, evidences, and statistics.

AdWords will tell you:

  • Who clicked on your ad
  • How many leads have been generated
  • How much traffic your Ads brought to your website
  • Which keyword generated the most traffic and leads
  • How much does it cost you per lead

It is also easy to calculate ROI (Return on Investment) using AdWords. By Linking AdWords with Google Analytics you get access to significant information like:

  • How long a visitor stayed on a page
  • How many pages have been visited
  • Bounce rate of your landing page
  • Details about new visitors and returning visitors


  1. Reconnect with Visitors of Your Website

This is a wonderful feature by which you can channel your ads to those people who have visited all pages of your website but have not taken any action yet.

Remarketing on Display Network:

This is to help advertisers to target visitors of different ad-supporting websites using banner images. You can create remarketing lists as shown below:

By providing the URLs of pages people visited and did not visit in the appropriate fields, you can target those specific audiences who did not take any action after visiting your site. Similarly, you can set suppression lists as well. This will ensure that your ads are generating new leads and are not viewed by those who have already seen it and converted.

Remarketing on Search Network:

This feature facilitates remarketing campaign on search network. RLSA, i.e. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads is almost similar to display remarketing. The difference is that the advertiser needs to add keywords in this campaign. This helps Google to match the user’s query with the keyword and the remarketing list to get an intersection of audiences who could be the target of your ad campaign. There is high chance of conversion when people see your remarketing ads once they have already visited your website.

  1. Generate Leads Through Effective Gmail Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most widely used marketing strategies online. In September 2015, Google integrated native Gmail ads with Google AdWords and made it available to advertisers. With this, your ads can easily reach more prospects through their Gmail inbox. Another advantage is the wider visibility it provides as these ads run on both desktops and mobiles. This can increase quality leads because most of the people use mobile phones today to access internet and buy products and/or services. Using Gmail ads for marketing is also highly cost effective than search ads. If you have a limited budget Gmail ads will be a better option to drive leads using AdWords.

According to Net Market Share, the global marketing share percentage, in terms of use of Search Engines, Google is the market leader with an average of 74.54% throughout the year 2017. This means Google is the most used Search Engine. The other websites owned by Google such as YouTube also have a huge number of users.  For these reasons alone, AdWords will be the best choice for paid online advertising if properly customized to generate maximum leads online.

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