4 Ways to Increase Mold Jobs with Google


With mold, life is not going to be easy. Your house will look squalid and with allergens and contaminants your life will step into the ninth circle of hell. No one likes mold and that’s why they need mold remediation experts. But what if you, as a mold remediation contractor, have not removed the hurdles in between you and your prospects? What if it is difficult for them to see your business online? What if you’re striving hard to make a way through the turbulent competition within the industry and get a safe place of your own?

Here are four ways by which you can improve your visibility and get more mold remediation jobs using Google in a productive way.

1. Granular Targeting with Google Ads

Advertising with Google Ads has a lot of benefits for location-based businesses like mold remediation companies. It may not be practical and profitable to reach to clients at a very distant location. Restoration companies usually work within a specified radius so that they can reach to their clients and do their job promptly.

This means that your company has to be prepared to serve for calls from your local market. In this era of digital marketing, mold remediation companies can make use of a variety of ad types in Google Ads so that the ads featuring particular services will appear for the local searches for those particular services.

Let’s check this out,

If we search for ‘mold remediation companies in california’ we will see some ads as given below:

These ads belong to the Search Network ad category that target only those people who are searching for a particular product or service they are in need of. Here, the ads are targeting potential customers from California and nearby places.

Using Google Ads, you can set your target audience based on keywords, location, language, age group, gender, interests and affinities. Such granular targeting will not waste your time and money on irrelevant audiences. And the leads you receive will be of hyper-quality and will quickly convert if the rest of the purchase journey is smooth and easy.

But keep in mind that you need a good Quality Score to get ranked high in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). So, make sure your keywords are relevant to the landing pages they represent.

If a person searching for a particular service is ending upon a landing page that is irrelevant to that search, then the searcher will not enjoy a good user experience. This will seriously affect your Quality Score, and consequently, your ad ranking is going to plummet. Don’t let this happen.

Google Ads also lets you create Remarketing lists. This helps you go straight to your unconverted prospects with a different ad so that they may convert this time. Setting up a new remarketing campaign will help you attract more new customers to your business in no time.

2. Grab Your Space in Google My Business

Feel accomplished if you have a Google My Business account because Google My Business helps to position your business with location-specific information. It has many benefits and the most important one is that it’s free!

With so many information about your business, photos of your products, office (interior and exterior) etc., you could literally take your customers on a tour before they actually meet you in person.

As the phone number and website address you provide are clickable, it will be easy for your customers to reach you by a simple click. Google My Business also allows you to interact with your customers when they rate your business.

By joining Google My Business, mold remediation companies can actually claim their real estate in the virtual business globe that can be easily accessed online.

Not only that, customers will be more confident to engage in business with you if your company has a Google My Business account just like many other industry leaders and business giants. In fact, it looks like a condensed form of your website which helps your customers to get important information about your business in a glance.

Google My Business automatically increases your credibility and lifts you from a local business status to a technologically advanced and easily accessible business that has a place in the Google listings.

When people read some of the best reviews and testimonials you have received (ensure you have a lot of them by requesting your loyal customers to write for you), they are likely to be impressed and get converted easily. And if they are in a need of your service, they won’t hesitate to call you.

3. Call-Only Ads for Call-based Businesses

Although Call-Only Ads are visibly similar to Search Network ads that appear on top of search results, they have some unique features. These ads when clicked won’t take you to a landing page; rather, an automatic dialer will appear clicking which a call will be directed to the advertiser. Pretty simple huh?

Restoration companies and mold remediation experts can leverage this ad type to attract an influx of calls to their business. If people are in an emergency, they won’t have time to go to your website and search for your contact number. Call-Only ads make it all a cakewalk.

In call-only ad campaign your number is given as the header of the ad. For businesses like mold remediation, which depends heavily on phone calls, this ad type can work as a trump card, when you are in a situation to drive extra calls to your business.

4. Create a Google+ Business Page and Engage with Your Audiences

What makes Google+ more powerful than any other social media is that it belongs to Google. Having a Google+ business page will therefore help you in your Google SEO immensely. This automatically improves your chances to rank high for certain keywords; just because you are a ridiculously active Google+ user!

You have to connect your website with your Google+ page and also make sure that you provide a badge of Google+ on your website so that visitors can click it if they feel like following your page and interacting with you.

This helps you engage and stay in touch with your audience and maintain a kind of personal relationship with them. You can also grow your audiences by inviting your existing contacts to like your page. You can even publish an update on other social media networks inviting people to join you on Google+.

Google+ will always help you track your performance and find out where you should not waste your efforts and where you should double them. Unlike other social media platforms, Google+ gives you the opportunity to connect with people you do not already know and you would like to have connected with because you share the same interests as them.

Google+ allows you to follow people and be part of communities that you are interested in. You can create and be part of communities that come under your niche and you can interact and share ideas with these community members.

You can appreciate the posts of others like you by giving a like (+1 in Google+) and writing a comment. You are likely to get the same from others if you do so.

You can also post interestingly rich media content that include attractive images, infographics, informative videos and so on. These will help you stand out in the community and get all eyes on you and eventually turn into more likes and comments.

This will increase your followers and reserve a place for your business in their hearts. They will not think twice to choose you when they are in need of your service if you have become their favorite.

These four tactics if properly applied can boost your business and bring new calls in torrential proportions. So don’t wait. Chase your goal!

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