Getting started in a Bing Ad Campaign


Getting started onyour first pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign through the Bing search network may give you pause for concern, but the platform has many of the same features as Google, according to Search Engine Land. Not only does Bing hold more than one-fifth of the US desktop search engine market share, but it also has at least 7 percent of the world’s search engine share.
The first thing to do is create a PPC account on Bing.This is the easiest part of the process because you have only to click the “Sign Up Now” button on Bing ads and follow the prompts. If you have an existing campaign in Google Adwords, you can transfer all your information to Bing.
Like SEO strategies, PPC campaigns engage keywords. These aren’t the end-all and be-all ofany campaign, but they are a very important aspect of this process.You can utilize Bing’s keyword research tool and its Keyword Planner to help you determine the best search words to associate with your product or service.
After your primary keywords have been established, it’s time to start your first campaign on Bing. To do this, click on the “Create Your 1st Campaign” tab on the dashboard, and input the appropriate information: the name of your campaign, appropriate time zones, your budget, and more.
Next you must create saleable ad content. The ad title should be succinct and to the point and followed up by content that explains your product or service thoroughly but in as few words as possible. The whole thing must be presented in such a way that will motivate the viewer to click your link.


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