Go with Your Gut or Test the Waters?


In business, you balance instinct and testing all the time. Even when you don’t realize it, you make decisions based on both every day. The same should apply to your website design. You want a website that balances your natural instincts with proven results. If you lean heavily toward one or the other, try to balance the scale a bit more. Today we’ll explore a few website design tips that will help you find the right balance.

Your Instincts Matter

Which color should you choose? How big should that font be? You can make a lot of decisions based on instinct alone. There are two different reasons why your instincts can help you when it comes to website design. First of all, you’re designing a site for your own business. When you go with your gut, you get a website that truly reflects how you’ve built that business. With instinct, you get a level of honesty that you couldn’t get with algorithms alone. And yes, your clients will notice the difference. Clients value honesty.

Second, websites have been around for decades. You’ve surfed through lots of websites over the years. Even subconsciously, you know what you like and what you don’t like. You have some idea of which font colors and backgrounds work well together. When you go with your gut, you apply this useful information to your own site.

Testing the Waters

That said, you should absolutely test your results. Use your instinct and design preferences to get a baseline. From there, test your results and make adjustments. Not getting a lot of website clicks? Then maybe it’s time to rearrange some text and boost your SEO. Is a particular page getting fewer visitors than another page? Find out what your other pages have in common, and then test a few changes. Testing your results will help you make the most of your website and add to your clientele.

Getting Professional Advice

Not sure which changes to make and how to test them? A professional website design team can help. When you work with professional marketers, they’ll notice patterns. They’ll point out potential changes that you may not have ever considered. You’ll save time and notice results much more quickly.

Website Design Tips

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