Google AdSense offers new policies to combat offensive content


Google rolled out its new security features developed to combat the objectionable content that has been appearing onits platforms, like Ad Display Network and YouTube. Instead of dropping whole pages or an entire site when a “bad-ad” appears, the new program removes the specific advertisement, according to Marketing Land.

A spokesperson for Google stated they have been working on this new technology since 2015, and tested it with certain companies in beta last Fall. For publishers working through AdSense, the new features include more information about actions taken against policy violations.

The new policies and procedure allows for granular control in culling out unwanted content, especially hate speech, across the Google platforms. More precise action is now possible as a specific advertisement or user comment can be removed without affecting other content on the same page or within the app.

Google will open its new Policy Center in AdSense in response to publishers’ requests for more “transparency” in the enforcement of ad policy violations.The new section will provide information on the enforcement of policy. Also, publishers will be informed if their content is in violation of policy and given access to information on how to fix it. Then they can request a review of the page, which will take about a week.  Further, they will be given the option to delete ads from the page.

The new feature was developed tohelp alleviate problems with ad placement, such as an advertisement being placed near hate speech or other objectionable content, which caused an uproar in the United Kingdom and the US a few months ago.


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