Google Adwords to Automatically Deliver Cross-Device Conversions to Advertisers


The majority of digital natives use multiple devices to look for information, to make buying decisions, and to actually make the purchase. Cross-device usage is not new and Google is clearly aware of this trend. 61% of Internet users and more than 80% of online millennials begin their shopping journey on one device but tend to use a different device to make the actual purchase said Google. To ensure better tracking of these consumers, Google started focusing on cross-device conversions more than three years ago.

Now Google has announced that it will automatically include cross-device conversions in the “conversions column” to enable advertisers to gain better insight into consumer activity while also enabling improved understanding and evaluation of the impact of mobile ads.

Cross-Device Conversions Outcome

According to the search engine giant, automatic cross-device conversion tracking has already enabled for a few select advertisers. The result has been a 16% increase in conversion generation on an average. Google said that it will enable cross-device conversions automatically for advertisers by August 16th.

Advertisers need to constantly monitor and measure how their ads perform. Any insight into how consumers engage with their ads allows advertises to improve their marketing campaigns accordingly. By delivering cross-device insights Google hopes to enable advertisers to optimize their ad performance.


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