Google Analytics provides viable information for marketing campaigns


Being a Google product, it integrates smoothly with other features of the platform, such as Adwords and Google Play, Google Analytics gives a clear perspective of marketing on the internet, according to Marketing Lad.In fact, there are features within Analytics – all but ignored – that a marketing department cantake advantage of to make their jobs more effective.

First, there’s a litany of features that can help you issue clean reports, organize data more efficiently, use alerts to monitor data, and more. Of the hundreds of features available, seek out the those which will specifically serve your needs for a better marketing strategy.

Next, think outside the Google box. Although Google dominates a large portion of the marketing cyber-scape, remember that there are other platforms with features that can be utilized in collecting data to develop an informed marketing strategy. Some of these can work in coordination with Google in providing you with customer-related information.

One of the most important points to remember in online marketing is utilizing mobile app information. With 80 percent of adults performing a good deal of their shopping and searches via mobile devices, this information (which is provided by Google Analytics) could be a wealth of information to your marketing campaigns.

Also important is remembering that not all shopping takes place online. People still go into the physical brick-and-mortar retail outlets and purchase things. Google Analytics can deliver statistical data that can be converted into customer marketing data.



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