Google Analytics Series Part 2: What Is the Google Tag Manager?


Let’s talk some more about Google Analytics. Remember the first part of our Google Analytics series? In that part of the series, we talked about why you should check Google Analytics for your website. Now, let’s take a closer look at the Google Tag Manager(GTM). The Google Tag Manager can give you a smoother experience with Google Analytics. Since the two programs were designed to work together, Google recommends using GTM along with your analytics. So, how does it work? Let’s find out.

Google Tag Manager

Your Google Tag Manager will provide you with “tags,” or pieces of code. When you add these tags to your website, they can track information for you. Each of your pages can have a different tag. Google Analytics will use these tags to tell you how your website is performing. Are you wondering how often people click your outbound links? Wondering how many visitors you get at different times of the day? GTM will help you keep track. You can even track more advanced information once you get the hang of the system. GTM can tell you how much time people spend on a particular page, how far down they scroll on that page, and more.

Why Use It?

Think about everything that you can do with this information. For example, let’s say that your Google Tag Manager tells you that people visit your site an average of three times before they book your service. What do you do? You give people reasons to visit your site at least three times. You might add links to your social media accounts, or you might write regular blog posts. GTM lets you turn data into insights. Then, you can use these insights to grow your restoration business.

Stick with It

Look, we’re going to be honest here. Now that we’ve explained how and why you’d use GTM, we have to point out that it’s not easy. Developers and coding experts will tell you otherwise, but the truth is that there’s a learning curve. However, we promise that the benefits outweigh the difficulties. Don’t give up on GTM until you start seeing some of those benefits. You won’t regret it.

Let Us Help

Are you getting frustrated with Google Tag Manager? You could always let us monitor your analytics for you. Our experts are well versed in all things GTM. We can help you use your data and make the most of your online presence. In fact, we’ll make sure that you kill it online. Ready to make some real changes? Get in touch with KiLLitOnLine today.

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