Google Analytics Series Part 3: Alternate Ways to Keep Track


Now that we’ve reached the third part of our Google Analytics series, let’s talk about some alternatives. As a business owner, you must keep track of your website’s numbers somehow. However, you might not always want to use Google Analytics. Maybe it got too complicated for your busy schedule, or maybe you want to supplement it with other tools. In any case, our Google Analytics tips for this week involve finding alternatives. Here are some of your best options.

Use Your Website Settings

If you just want the basics, your website’s settings might do the trick. It depends on the platform that you used to build your site. WordPress, for instance, will give you website numbers. You can use these numbers to find out how many people visit your site on any given day, week, month, or year. You can even see your most popular dates and times for website visitors. With some critical thinking and a bit of planning, you can notice patterns and act accordingly.

Use Outside Plugins

Google Analytics isn’t the only web tracking tool at your disposal. You have other options. However, you’ll have to do some research to decide which of those options is best for you. Look for plugins that will help you track your data. Some of these plugins will give you reports and help you dive deeper into your website’s numbers. These options range in price, so make sure that you’re confident in your choice before you make a commitment.

Get Extra Help

Now, what if you do want to use Google Analytics, but you don’t have the time or resources to get the hang of it? You’ve got a few options here, too. One option is to watch some tutorials online. These tutorials often come in bite-sized lessons that even the busiest people can find time to watch. Another option is to hire an online marketing team. When you work with this kind of team, you’ll have experts on your side who already know the ins and outs of Google Analytics. Your team will know all of the best ways to track your website’s numbers. You, meanwhile, won’t have to worry about it.

Google Analytics Tips

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