Google Announces New Deadline for Expanded Text Ads


Google has announced a new deadline for its expanded text ads. Previously the deadline of October 26th was set following which standard text ads would no longer be used. However, their adoption is still on a slower pace mainly due to the fact that marketers are still learning how to work them. To aid these marketers Google announced its new deadline extension. The new deadline will now be January 31st 2017.

 Expanded text ads which are 50% larger than standard text ads are already proving to be a success for some marketers. The idea behind expanded text ads was to ensure that marketers focus on creating better and improved ad copy. When trying to attract audience attention, Google found that the quality of an ad matters the most and this is why it has been urging site owners to create ad copies that are more relevant and quality based.

The new deadline of January 31 is to ensure that site owners have more time to get used to the workings of expanded text ads. Post this date, marketers will not be able to either create or make any kinds of edits to standard text ads. And although Google will still continue to serve standard text ads after January 31, the search giant will only allow creation of text ad in the form of an expanded text ad.


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