Google Announces ‘Post Directly to Search Results’ Feature for Thousands of Small Businesses


Google recently confirmed the expansion of a new test feature “post directly to the search” results. The test product while initially available to only a few small businesses has now been expanded to thousands of small businesses.

The search giant first introduced this test in January for presidential candidates to allow them to publish messages directly to the front page of search results. In March Google extended the test feature to a limited number of small businesses.

The test feature will now not only be expanding to thousands of small businesses, but more importantly to businesses across Brazil and India. This was confirmed by the Google My Business team during a Google Hangout.

Although Google has not christened this test feature, with the introduction of the new tool small businesses will be able to create cards with short messages in search results. These will then be featured in a way that is similar to how AMP carousels are presented.

The way this works is simple – anytime users search for the name of the business, search results will feature the most recent messages from the business on the front page. Brands will be able to include feature text, links, pictures, and videos in their cards. While the cards will be live on a Google server, others will be able to but share and link to them. Currently only a few select businesses can post the content using a dedicated app.


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