Google Announces Real-time Indexing for Search Live Coverage Carousel


Google has announced that publishers will now be able to feature their content in the new “search live coverage carousel.” As of now, Google is opening up its “search live coverage carousel” program to a few select publishers only. The program will allow publishers to provide breaking content such as live sports, breaking news, live blogs, and elections to Google in real time.

To be able to feature in the Google’s “search live coverage carousel,” publishers will have to ensure that their content meets the following important requirements.

Publishers can only use content that is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) optimized – this will help in ensuring that pages will load quickly to mobile devices. You can learn more about how to use AMP HTML here.

AMP pages content must include structured data markup – so Google understands the context of your content better which in turn will enable it to show an accurate preview of your live content in the carousel. For more information on structured data markup visit this page.

HTTP POST request in an Atom XML feed should be used – when you send your content to Google’s live coverage carousel. This will speed up indexing of your content as soon as it gets published on the web.

Publishers who are interested in getting their live content in Google’s “search live coverage carousel,” can opt-in for the program by filling out this form.


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