Google Attributions combines the data gathering advantages of multiple tools


The newest marketing tool from the Google platform has been rolled out, according to Search Engine Land. Google Attributions will aggregate data from other platform features like Analytics, AdWords, and DoubleClick Search to give users a more comprehensive attribution model in search marketing across multiple channels and devices.

Google Attribution is a friendlier version of its 2014 parent tool, Attribution 360 and works with the other three marketing tools with no site tagging.It analyzes conversion data (online and offline), creating predictive models.Multiple models can be compared in Analytics then linked into AdWords and DoubleClick. Then these can be utilized toward an automated bidding solution.

The new tool has been developed to resolve two major marketing issues.One of its functions will be to include more than the last click decision which led to customer conversion, but will also include data that shows extended data into the customer’s journey to conversion. The second advantage of the new tool allows use of the full journey data to show key touch points which illustrates the customer’s path in greater detail, allowing marketers in all aspects of the advertising work to see weaknesses and strengths in their own strategies.

Google has been seeking to upgrade a flexible attribution tool that works in the search funnel across different devices. The new Attribution tool utilizes machine learning technology in trying to predict customer conversions through analyzing conditions at the time of previous conversions.

Brand marketers can still use data-driven attributions in AdWords. Google Attributions is now available in beta and is expected to be available to more marketers before the end of 2017.


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