Google Converts AdWords Price Extension format to Swipeable Cards


Google recently announced in a tweet that the standard format for price extensions has been changed to a swipeable card format. Previously, advertisers were able to show pricing information about their various products and services in list form in mobile text ads.
Price extensions were introduced by Google as a way of highlighting a brands products and services along with their prices which could enable users to make instant decisions.
At present price extensions in swipeable card format is available in the following languages -English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. However, as is the case with all Google products, users can expect a global roll out of price extensions in different languages and currencies soon.
When setting up price extension for their products and services, advertisers can go to the Ad Extensions tab in the web interface. From there they can select relevant header options and categories which include – brands, events, locations, neighborhoods, the product categories and tiers, and or services as well as their categories and tiers.
Google has been focused on reducing and optimizing the mobile real estate when displaying ads or marketing messages. From site links, to list format and now the new swipeable format just go to prove how important connecting with mobile consumers has become.
Visit this page, for more information on how you can use the new price extension roll out for your brand.


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