Google debuts new marketing features


Google is rolling out two new features to make the marketer’s job more interestin but with an increased chance of success. First, there’s Marketing Mix Models Partner program, a feature which analyzes multi-channel marketing. The second newest kid on the Google platform can be used for remarketing across different devices, according to Marketing Land. The announcement that Google would be instituting its two newest marketing tools came out last September. Since then, Google has been tweaking its encoding and number analyzers getting ready

The multi-channel feature has been rolled out by Google in cooperation with three recognizable names: Nielson, Neustar, Marketing Management Analytics. The purpose of the program is to allow advertisers to analyze their ROI from year-to-year. Training will be available to marketers, also technical support. Facebook rolled out a program in January similar to this one, also collaborating with Nielson, NeustarMarketshare, Analytic Partners and Marketing Evolution

The second tool, will be rolled out on May 15 through Google Analytics for the purpose of multi-device remarketing. The features available through Remarketing with Google Analytics will be updated to include in the new multi-device program.

Marketers will be able to redirect ads to the same users who switch from one device for another. The flexibility of the programming will be developed for quality display no matter what device the user is viewing. Facebook and other platforms have been using similar programs for some time. Before developing this new program, Google had been conducting its remarketing using mobile IDs and cookies, but these do not have a cross-device capability.


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