Google entering the voice-assistance competition during Super Bowl


There’s an ongoing online marketing battle between Social Media titans raging across the Internet, each one trying out maneuver the other for the titles or “Most Viewers” or “Most Clicks” and “Most Mobile Visits.”  For Super Bowl Sunday, it would seem Google has blown through the defensive lines of its competitor and running hard to win the big numbers.

Google’s newest online voice-assistance feature called “Home” will get its golden television opportunity in a 60-second ad that will be aired during Super Bowl LI. Very little detail has leaked about The Google Home commercial except for the slogan, which will be “Home by you. Help by Google.”

Last year, Amazon hit hard with its “Echo” commercial, starring two celebrity heavy hitters – actor Alec Baldwin and famous NFL celeb Dan Moreno. These two big names sold an estimated eight million Echoes last year, about 3 million of the during Christmas 2016. Those are some pretty good marketing numbers.

There is no information who will be on Google’s frontline. Who will take the field against last year’s Echo duo?

Home has been available since October. This will be Google’s first Super Bowl ad since 2010, when they ran their Parisian Love ad. This year Google has invested about $5 million in this year’s run for the goal line. The voice assistance market has become the latest trend with Home now coming against Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. That is not even mentioning some of the cheap throw-offs that are being put out by less recognizable name brands who hope for a small slice of that pie.



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