Google expected to maintain lead in search ad revenues


Google still has an overwhelming lead in the U.S. search market over other search platforms, and is expected to maintain it for a while, according to Search Engine Land.

At present, due largely to mobile devises, the online titan takes in about 78 percent of the $36.7 billion in search revenues, and that is expected to grow to 80 percent within the next year. The other 20 percent will be going to the other search platforms: AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, Yelp, and Ask.

Search spending in the US is expected to see a significant rise in search speeding over the next few years by an estimated 24 percent. That will move from about $36.7 billion to $45.6 billion in 2019– and Google will get a big slice of that pie if current projections prove accurate.

At the same time, Amazon and Yelp will likely see their own revenues grow. Yelp is expected to reach the coveted $1 billion horizon by the end of that three-year projection, moving beyond that $730 million piece of that pie it currently holds. In spite of the dollar growth, its share of the market is expected to slide from 6.9 percent to 5.8. Amazon was the only search platform (except for Google) to increase its share of the search market last year. The three-year predictors are expecting that trend to continue. Amazon is expected to increase from this year’s 1.9 percent ($370 million) to 2.2 percent ($600 million).


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