Google is gearing up advertisers for the mobile trend


Google recently upgraded its Penguin Update with the new Promoted Pins in a further effort to reach out to the trending mobile market. Maintaining their status as one of the internet’s titan platforms, they are re-mixing their algorithms, giving the mobile-local-search customer more importance.

There are more local searches on mobile devices than on desktop, and people on mobile usually intend to buy something immediately. Desktop searches may be browsing for a possible future transaction.

For example, a mobile user very often is not sitting at his/her desk. They may be walking down the sidewalk or moving in a vehicle (hopefully, not while driving) when they get the urge for a quick burger. On the other hand, the person searching on desktop may be planning on stepping out for a bite soon, but could change his mind before he reaches the door and decide to eat in the employee lunchroom.

Google encourages advertisers to think about mobile searches when organizing their SEO strategies, like optimizing keywords for the mobile customer. The mobile searcher probably wants his burger now, not an hour from now.

If you need mobile-specific keywords there are resources that can help you find them. When you go to Adwords, click Keywords then Search Terms and pull down the Segment menu. The Choose Device option is what you want.

Also, keep in mind the voice search is a rising trend as well. According to Google, about 20 percent of mobile searches use the convenience of voice search as opposed to tapping the screen. After All, you can keep on walking down the sidewalk while you speak with less chance of bumping into things. Some people have a little problem with the hand-eye-foot coordination.


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