Google Home Now Turns Voice Answers into Clickable Links


Google`s new Home Assistant designed primarily to take on Amazon’s Echo speaker is not only shipping, but more importantly, your search is now only a voice query away.

The fun offering from Google is a voice powered assistant or if we are talking specifics then it is simply a blue-tooth speaker priced at $129. For users who use multiple Google services, this tool is a great investment.

Back it up with the sheer power of Google search engine, as well as the massive amount of customer data that the company has access to, you have a product with absolute potential to make an impact where it matters the most – connecting users with relevant information. Or in the words of CEO Sundar Pichai “The goal is to build a personal Google for each and every user.”

Google`s Companion app is the brain behind the Home Assistant. The app supports iOS and Android technologies sure, it answers in voice, but that’s not all it does. The app can also send a link to the user with the information they asked using Companion App. So for those of you who were wondering about where searchers can click when presented with results, there is no cause for concern.

Optimizing for Google Home

Marketers who want to be available as responses in Google Home can do so by focusing on queries that are of high value and via structured markup.

It would be fantastic if the company can start providing metrics for Google Home and include third-party services allowing for greater customization. If it does succeed in doing this, the Google Home can indeed become a personal Google for every user.


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