Google improves Adwords location tracking; mobiles are easier to find


Harnessing Google’s Enhanced Adwords Tracking: Unveiling ZIP Code Level Traffic Insights

Google has recently improved Adwords methods tracking its platform traffic at the ZIP Code level. They are able to track more searches than ever before, which could prove to be massively advantageous to advertisers targeting geographic locations, according to Search Engine Land.

Graphic analyses indicate the level of mobile search tracking is greatly accelerating and all the numbers across the graph have jumped.Two years ago, about 75 percent of laptop and tablet searches could be tracked to the ZIP location, in contrast to about 55 percent for searches originating from mobile devices. Today, all three categories are nearer the 80 percent range with laptops and tablets categories in a slight lead.

The tracking updates bring more good news in the way of giving information about average household incomes. Using tracked information allows advertisers to target their audiences more effectively and increases their chances in the bid auctions. As the Adwords tracking improves and becomes for specific in profiling searchers, the information becomes even more valuable to advertisers. The practical result of more informed targeting is an increase in the advertiser’s overall return on investment (ROI).

Also, improving tracks on geographic location includes in-storevisitations, which broadens the reach of advertisement targeting. Using household income information with this, advertisers can differentiate their targeting, showing their higher-end products to customers of greater means, and the less expensive products can be viewed by more viewers who can afford them.


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