Google Improves Search Issues Report in Search Console


Google’s search console regularly provides webmasters with information about necessary security fixes for their websites. Continuing with their on-going effort, the search giant recently announced that they have improved the Search Issues report in Google Search Console. The new update to the reports will now deliver detailed information on security issues detected by Safe Browsing.

The aim is to provide webmasters with more “context and detail” about the different security risks and issues. So now the reports will include explanations on different kinds of security issues which include malware, harmful downloads, deceptive pages, and uncommon downloads.

According to Google the explanations include “tailored recommendations for each type of issue, including sample URLs that webmasters can check to identify the source of the issue, as well as specific remediation actions webmasters can take to resolve the issue.”

Safe Browsing offers webmasters useful information in the form of Help Center articles and examples of URLs that aid in identifying and understanding harmful content through Search Console. Webmasters also have the option of requesting reviews of their site after security issues have been fixed. With the new information updates, webmasters will now find it easier to resolve issues quickly as possible.

You can visit this page for more information about the new information updates.


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