Google to Include New “Price Extensions” Feature to Mobile Text Ads


Google’s mobile text ads will soon include a new feature called “price extensions.” With this feature enabled, Google advertisers will be able to display corresponding prices for each of their products or services. So what users will be able to see is the name of a service or a product along with a short description of the item and the corresponding price. Users simply have to tap on one of the rows and it will direct them to a landing page featuring the product or service.

The rolling out of the new feature will make purchasing decisions easier for users as they will now not only know how much a product or a service costs, but more importantly they will be able to quickly view the different options available to them within their budget range.

While Google’s price extensions feature has already been passed on to a few select AdWords accounts, Google will make the feature available to all AdWords accounts in the next few days. Once enabled, advertisers will be able to access price extensions from the drop down menu of the ad extensions tab. Advertisers will be able to include a minimum of three price extensions which can extend to a maximum limit of eight.


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