Google Introduces Jamboard – The Digital Collaborative Whiteboard

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Google recently announced the release of Jamboard – it’s new collaborative Digital Whiteboard. Designed to make team meetings more efficient and easy, Google’s Jamboard makes it possible for teams to quickly create and share ideas in real time. Users can pull up data, or they can conduct a research using Google search or even use Jamboard for downloading images.Furthermore, Jamboard offers G Suite allowing for better real-time collaboration with easy access to all of its tools. According to G Suite product manager, TJ Varghese, Google is “moving the whiteboard to the cloud”.

Jamboard has been designed as a 55 inch 4k display board. The digital whiteboard can be used to present data, graphs, pie-charts, and excel sheets. Users can even use their own handwriting on the board just like any other normal white board or even use sticky notes and stencils while presenting! In addition to this, the Jamboard can recognize shapes and drawings and comes with stunning features like a built-in camera, speakers and Wi-Fi and can even recognize the sketch and erase option of the stylus being used.

Scheduled for a 2017 release, Jamboard is expected to be priced less than $6000 compared to $9000 for Microsoft`s 55-inch surface hub.

This has been a busy year for Google. And now with the release of Jamboard, the search giant has added another great tech offering to its long line of digital products.


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