Google Maps seeing rise in “Get Location Details” clicks


Google Maps is seeing a lot more traffic, and the online search platform is implementing new ways to monetize local queries, according to Search Engine Land, including those seeking a physical brick-and-mortar. These queries are increasing in numbers, as are the specific ads developed for location extensions.

More and more users are opting for the “Get Location Details” search, especially on mobile devices. As a result, Maps’ ads are on the rise for brand brick-and-mortar stores.Measurements show a huge increase in mobile clicks on this option, up by more than 5 percent since early 2016. The surge in mobiles was predictable, given the growing popularity of smartphones and such devices. Tablets are up by 1 percent, and desktops by less than a half percent.

In contrast, the clicks on “Get Location Details” option for non-brand stores showed a rise but not as significantly for the mobiles. Desktop measurements were still well below 1 percent. Tablets pushed slightly above the 1 percentile mark,brushing past mobiles nominally.

Conversion rates online are likely to drop experts are saying. The “Get Location Details” searchers will not likely follow through to an online conversion. The research shows this with these searchers showing much lower conversion numbers compared to those who are not looking for a physical brick-and-mortar.

The conversions for searchers looking for the physical retail outlet are difficult to follow all the way through to conversion and purchase, they are making a difference in brand revenues. Therefore, the marketing strategists will continue putting out the ads to keep this key percentage of users interested.



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