Google to roll out new Quality Score features


A blog posted on Inside Adwords gave some hint of upgrades to be rolled out of Google that will allow advertisers closer examination of the Quality Scores feature, according to Search Engine Land.
Marketers have complained that analyzing metrics in the current QS format is difficult at best;apparently, Google is expected to change things so that its feature can be read more easily. No date for this new upgrade has not been officially set.
The new section of the Quality Score upgrades will include seven points in a user’s Adwords account: attributes, quality score, performance, conversions, attribution, bid simulator, and competitive metrics. Each new heading will have its own submenu through which a marketer will be able to evaluate the granular detail more easily. In addition, users will have access to the historic metrics in these categories which will be available as far back as January 2016.
It is expected that the new features will aid advertisers in their marketing campaign across multiple channels. Vital data for three prime Quality Score aspects will be readily available: expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. Also, Quality Score trends will become easier to analyze and predict when the available columns are ramped up to the managerial level.
The changes will allow users to segment dated keyword reports, allowing an end-of-day data analysis. The reports will discern the last known scores and their historical values within the range of the designated reporting period. A date may show an empty slot if there is an insufficient number of impressions.


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