Google rolls out Android compatible voice-interactive Assistant


Google has finally rolled out its voice interactive Assistant for the Android phones, according to Search Engine, but the Google said it may take a few weeks for it to circulate to all devices. This is Google’s latest answer to the new voice interactive programs that have been hitting the public in recent months which is expected to improve efficiency in communications.

With it, the user speaks to his/her phone, then Assistant responds verbally and fulfills whatever applicable command the usergives it, like adding laundry detergent to the shopping list.

Google Assistant was first introduced last year for the Pixel phones, the Allo communication app, and the Google Home device. Other mobile brand users are awaiting their chance to gain access to the voice interactive feature.

Google is expected to roll out similar upgrades at a later time for the Moto, Galaxy and other devices with the prerequisite capabilities to handle Assistant. A phone must have a memory capacity of 1.5 GB and a screen resolution of 720p to use Assistant.

Also, Assistant only supports a few languages. These include German and English spoken in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Google said it will produce more language upgrades later this year.

Assistant is another digital voice in the line-up put out by other online tech titans who have voice interactive capabilities on laptops, mobiles, or in-home modules. These include models like Siri, and Cortana.


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