Google rolls out new proximity location extensions


Google rolled out its newest ad location display feature in AdWords last week. This new feature on Google Display Network gives detailed information about a business, such as photos, store location, business hours, according to Search Engine Land.

The ad locator can be designed to activate if a viewer is in proximity to the location. For instance, ad for a nearby bookstore can come up for a user who is viewing blog about books. Per Google’s research, about 60 percent of clicks on the ad were location queries or to get some other store information.

The new optional formatting in the ad gallery allows marketers to upload a logo, an ad headline, an ad description, and three pics. It is located under general purpose ads in AdWords.

To create the new display ads with the locator information, go to “Extend my ads with location information.” If your intent is to set the display for proximity, choose the “Locations options (advanced)” label and click on “People in my target location.”

Some ads can be converted automatically to the new proximity display unless the advertiser opts out location extensions. This can be done with a display campaign or ad groups. Go to the Locations Extensions in AdWords. Your options are “Select campaigns” or “Select ad groups.” At this point, choose which ads you don’t want to be converted to the location extensions. Then click on “Use campaign location extension,” and go to “Disable location extensions.”


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