Google rolls out its new “Smart” display


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning is giving rise to automation in some aspects of online marketing. Recently, Google rolled out a completely automated “Smart” display campaign that will optimize every part of advertising strategies, according to Marketing Land.

Google Display Network has offered automation in recent years for many aspects of marketing campaigns, including the creative. Now, AI will drive the targeting, bidding, and ads.The new “smart” campaign system will be set to give bids according to CPAs that seem to predict a strong probability of conversion. Responsive text and displays are determined by headlines, descriptions, logos, and imagessubmitted by the advertiser.

The Ads tab will display a “best-good-low” grade for each of your ad elements so you can evaluate these assets for those that will likely drive your ads toward conversion.

The ultimate goal of this new type of display ad campaign is to reach your conversion goals. The AI in your smart display campaigns use your assets – such as headlines, images, and other content –  to create ads. Over time these ads will blend with the publisher’s elements as it morphs into a native ad.

The new smart display campaign has been tested by well-known brands that include Trivago, Hulu Japan, and Credit Karma.

You can begin setting up your Smart display campaign on the marketing objectives window. Look at the Drive Action menu and select one of the first four objectives for your campaign. Afterwards, click on the “Use Smart display campaign.”

On Display Network, set your conversions tracking feature at 50. Also, target CPA bidding should be used.


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